universal shelter

The Universal Shelter platform (US) is a modular system that accommodates change over time. US adjusts to individual, nuclear, composite, and extended households and can be aggregated into communities and other networks. Machine learning is integrated into the design to anticipate change through rigorous monitoring of environmental, behavioral, and physiological inputs.   

No longer will humans adapt to the home, the home responds to humans.

Emerging beyond a profit driven economy and with an abundance of time, a new egalitarian system develops around human-centered craft, environmental governance, and leisure. US modules are added and subtracted in support of this future.  With an evolving array of modules, the US platform operates on the boundary between permanence and change.  While US is a result of technological advancements, it provides a home for a more humanistic life.

Welcome to US.

Location: Siteless Module

Status: Conceptual

Recognition: Gray Awards 2018 Finalist